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  • Program Objectives :

This plan aims to build an "advanced intelligent real-time production demonstration factory "AIR Factory",

with the development goal of cultivating "smart" practitioners in "small and medium-sized" and "traditional industries".

Conduct three major axis professional training courses, including "intelligent manufacturing", "intelligent production" and "intelligent operation",

combined with the School of Engineering and the School of Management and Design of the University, each with its own innovation and uniqueness,

from different perspectives to explore the various links in the value chain system, so as to build a teaching and research environment,

develop teaching and research characteristics, and cultivate middle-level management and design professionals with both theory and technology required for national economic construction and industrial development.

  • Program Features:
  1. A small and medium-sized traditional manufacturing line with self-developed, simple soft and hardware equipment perfectly integrated
  2. The school is a school of the Ministry of Education's "Intelligent Manufacturing Cross-campus Teaching Strategy Alliance", with a good foundation for engineering
  3. Formosa Plastics Group supports "Smart Manufacturing", "Big Data" and "Artificial Intelligence"


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