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一、Practical field - advanced intelligent real-time production demonstration factory

Flipping Taiwan's traditional small and medium-sized processing and manufacturing plants, from ordering, 

raw material inspection, preparation, feeding, production, packaging, distribution to operation,

 perfect integration in the IOS platform. At any time, anywhere, one-hand grasp of operational information, advanced, intelligent,

yao rose to the list of industry 4.0.

二、Practice Site - Intelligent Production Practice Workshop

Through stand-alone learning, drilling, control, and practical learning, he is familiar with the functions and operations of stand-alone equipment. 

And carry out more than two equipment of collaborative interaction and communication, with iPAS research,

 to cultivate the required professional practical talents for Industry 4.0.

三、Advanced simulation demonstration plant

From the LEGO portfolio, we will learn advanced demonstration production systems, including transport vehicles, raw material storage,

conveyor belts, three-dimensional warehouses, visual inspection, robotic arms, finished product logistics, etc. All are assembled by LEGO parts,

and the Python program drives stand-alone and system collaboration to cultivate advanced factory system concepts and practical capabilities.

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